Delente Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The New Age Tech Startup.​

Our Core Focused Domains

AutoTech  is India’s fastest growing AI/ML based passenger segment auto tech discovery and consulting platform. is an AI/ML-driven commercial vehicle auto tech discovery and consulting platform helping millions of commercial vehicle prospective buyers and owners.

Consumer Electronics

Comparos is a one-stop destination for all your queries related to day-to-day electrical appliances including Mobile Phones, Refrigerators, Television, Air Conditioners, Watches and more. Our mission is to cater to customers’ desire for recommendation and selection.

Short News App


Blink News the new age short news App is changing the way Indians consume sports, Politics, entertainment and Auto news in 60 words. Built using advanced data science to capture user interest profiles.



Flipit Money is a contextual social investment platform powered by state of the art AI & NLP. With more than 2 million downloads, FlipItMoney is gamifying stocks & crypto investments for millennials in regional languages! It is India’s first community of financial literates and capital market enthusiasts.

Carbike360 UAE A new age auto platform which connects you to the entire world of automobiles.